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Double Dutch Lunchtime Quickie

I ran into Eric and his Batavus at the Westown farmers market over my lunch break.  I just had time for a quick post when I got back. Sorry for the photo, my camera battery was dead when I put … Continue reading

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Going Dutch: First Date

Today was the first day commuting on the Oma.  It was a good first date because I had a number of places to go beyond just riding to work. Here is a list of today’s test rides:  1  Bike to … Continue reading

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Rules (of the road) are made to be broken

  The email below recently generated a lot of discussion on the Milwaukee Bikes to Work listserv I manage: To my fellow bike commuter this morning at the top of St. Mary’s Hill…southbound on Terrace at around 8:40, Greetings!  I love … Continue reading

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Dave Goes Dutch

I broke down and bought a real Dutch bike.  Sunday I was in Chicago and stopped at the Dutch Bike Co. and tried out a Workcycles Oma.  I have had my eye on the different Dutch bikes for a long time and … Continue reading

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Bike Racing is Cool

I am all about real clothes, real people, real bikes might going place, not people in lycra riding $6K bikes in circles, but I still think bike racing is cool. I used to race and I still really enjoy watching … Continue reading

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What is on my desk at the office?

This is a personal blog, but there is no way to get around that I am the City of Milwaukee Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator.  Yesterday morning I took a quick snapshot of my desk 15 minutes after I got to … Continue reading

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Five Minute Friday Photos: Williamsburg Bridge, NYC

Here are some great photos from local bicycle photo legend Pete DiAntoni. These were taken in NYC while he was there on assignment for COG magazine, which is also a sponsor of this contest. New York City, once a virtual … Continue reading

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Five Minute Friday Photo Contest Prizes

I got the word on prizes and here is the list.  I think it there is some pretty sweet schwag here, and it all has a local vibe in some way. One random drawing will be made for each catagory until the … Continue reading

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Boys and Puddles: My first video

My first video is dedicated to my friends in Copenhagen.  It was my experience visiting their wonderful city that planted the seed that grew into this blog.  That seed was nourished by other blogs, most specifically Mikael Colville-Anderson’s Copenhagen Cyclechic and his fabulous videos and films.  … Continue reading

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Scardy Cats and Supermodels Should Ride Bikes

Today I was working at a health fair at a large employer in Milwaukee and a few people gave me some grief about riding my bike without wearing a helmet. Then I got home from work and read Dottie’s post on “Lets … Continue reading

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