Biking to work is no sweat

OK, it has been 90 humid degrees lately, so that is not entirely true.  If you sweat standing still, you are going to sweat riding a bike.  But I have not found that to be reason to stop riding or to change the way I dress.  Just like I don’t stop walking outside if it is 90 degrees.

90 degree solution: suit jacket in the pannier, tie blowing in the breeze, coast and ride slowly

That said, I do try to dress for the weather. If I have to wear a suit and it is 90, I am going to wear the lightest most breathable suit I have whether I am riding a bike or not.  Unless it is nice and cool outside (like it was today) I usually take off the jacket while biking, just like when I drive in a suit. I also ride a little slower and take more advantage of the downhills to coast instead of pedaling.  Remember I like riding slow these days.  I prefer to take in the sights, stop to take a photo, etc.

With all those precautions, I still end up a little sweaty by the time I get to work on really hot days.  Although the City does have showers and lockers for employees who bike, I prefer not to shower.  My solution is gel hand sanitizer.  The stuff cools you off, kills bacteria, evaporates dry in seconds and generally has a pleasant fragrance. It also won’t spill all over like rubbing alchohol will.

My last little secret to cool off is a mini fan at my desk.  I turn this on as soon as I sit down and let it blow on my face and back while I wait for my computer to boot up. After four minutes I press the plunger on my french press, pour a cup of coffee and turn off the fan, cool, dry and ready for business.


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Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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2 Responses to Biking to work is no sweat

  1. hopp says:

    a dry dave at his desk is a happy dave. were you coasting when you that photo?

  2. daveschlabowske says:

    Dude, I’ve been coasting for the last 20 years or so. The trick is to look like your pedaling when your not.

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