Movie Time


There are two old movie theaters in my neighborhood, The Times and the Rosebud Cinema Drafthouse, and both rule. Tickets to both are CHEAP (if you get a Rosebuddy card), which greatly appeals to my Milwaukee cheapskate heritage.  Both theaters serve bargain top shelf cocktails, and you sit in couches instead of regular seats.  I see almost every movie that shows at either theater just because I like them so much.  

Tonight the Times had a documentary on the birth of Wisconsin cafe motorcycle culture, so all sorts of sweet vintage “bikes” were lined up outside the theater.  I went to see the movie with my deer hunting pal Casey, who rode over one handed (broken arm) on his Japanese fixie, and we met up with Jason and Kerry who were cyclechic before the term even existed.  They rolled up on their root beer colored vintage Schwinn tandem. Even with all the sweet motor cycles parked on the street, all I could look at was their tandem.  

Keri, Casey and Jason

Hollywood has some things going for it, but when I’m standing on Vliet St., I have a difficult time figuring out why I would rather be there. Milwaukee’s got stars!  Who needs that damn Chinese Theater?  

This Schwinn tandem was the star of the show

Alternative transportation? Where are the pedals?

The movie was a bit slow, but we all had a great time.  The Times remains a super cool venue.  It even has one of the last “bubblers” left in public right of way in Milwaukee.  I hate the fact that the Milwaukee Water Dept. has a program to euthanize our bubblers.  Bubblers are part of our Milwaukee heritage and should be promoted, not dismantled, even if they are a “maintenance nightmare?”  

We headed off to Juniper 61 for pie ala mode after the movie.  Pie??? Oh yeah … pie, one of the essential elements of life.  one way to judge the livability of your neighborhood is to ask how many blocks you have to ride to get great pie.  Thanks to Juniper 61 I only have to travel two blocks from my house.  The ride from the Times Cinema was only a handful of blocks more than that, but still a very short ride.   A neighborhood that is densely populated with good restaurants, movie theaters, coffee shops and retail will almost always be a good bike neighborhood.  Conversely, I think people riding bicycles are an indicator species of a healthy neighborhood. 

The ride for pie


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4 Responses to Movie Time

  1. Chris K says:

    Mmmmmm, pie.

    Apple pie a la mode via Lulu is a staple for my wife and I!

  2. Good reading and cool blog!

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