Rummage O’Ramma

Eurostyle front child seats are now available in the US. When my daughter was that small (12 years ago or so), we could not find a front child seat.

I think the best way to rummage is by bike. If you think you might buy big stuff, just tow an old bike trailer along.  But bikes allow you to roll very slowly and peek in driveways without having to commit to stopping.  In a car you block the street if you try that routine. 

The Washington Heights and nearby Hillcrest neighborhoods both had their area rummage sales today.  That means dozens of homes in a small area with lots of stuff.  I spotted this sweet fixed out 531 lugged Falcon.  My buddy Steve was selling it and asking asking $110.  That is a total steel compared to the cost of buying some Chinese made new fixed gear bike.  Surprisingly he did not get any offers. 


Bargain $1: This Falcon is three times the bike of an SE or similar new fixie for $110

Attention to detail and quality construction

But my favorite find of the day was this mounted reindeer/caribou. I had to pass on it even though it was super cool. Mounted white tail dear are reasonably common, but this was an unusual rummage item for sure. 

Definitely a want not a need. Priced at $650, it was out of my price range.

I did buy a compound sliding miter saw for $20 and a decent set of computer speakers with base for $4.  No luck on the hunt for a drill press.  Anyone have one they want to get rid of let me know.

I finished my day of rummaging around 3 in the afternoon with a Juniper beer at you guessed it, the patio at Juniper 61. Cold beer and a lamb pita with asian slaw, the perfect rummage ride recovery meal.  Thanks to Casey for the photo. 

Post-rummaging recovery drink



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