Nashville hits East ‘Tosa

Tom Mason and Phil Lee taking no prisoners

A couple Nashville cats played a house concert in our friends living room and we were invited.  John and Linsey lived in Nashville for a while.  John is a great singer/song writer in his own right and has been in some super bands, Semi-Twang and The Subcontinentals are his projects now.

They had Phil Lee and Tom Mason play at their house. When it comes to country, Phil is the real deal and a super entertainer too. Tom is an interesting talent. His songs are really well crafted, but written with a different spin that sets them apart from song writers row country and maybe even alt country. Liz and I biked over and really enjoyed the show.  Then we all went out for dinner at, you guessed it, Juniper 61.

Short skit and a cool bike with a basket full of beer: My definition of heaven.

Purse rack, every bike should have one so there is somewhere to put the beer.

Yes, I would marry her again.

The show was excellent. John played first, then Tom, then Phil. Then Tom and Phil together.  Finally John and his brother Mike joined in and the four of them played and sang. John recorded the show, and promises to have a bootleg out soon.  Linsey made her famously delicious cake.

Linsey's "Man Catcher" cake

Me taking photos of the show. Thanks for the photo Linsey.


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One Response to Nashville hits East ‘Tosa

  1. Dottie says:

    Beautiful photos! I agree – there’s nothing better than beer in bike baskets 🙂

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