Boys and Puddles: My first video

My first video is dedicated to my friends in Copenhagen.  It was my experience visiting their wonderful city that planted the seed that grew into this blog.  That seed was nourished by other blogs, most specifically Mikael Colville-Anderson’s Copenhagen Cyclechic and his fabulous videos and films. 

We had quite a storm Tuesday night.  I love big thunder storms with lots of low level lightening.  I remember Josefine did not like it too much when she was visiting. Perhaps such storms are less common in Copenhagen.  In Wisconsin thunderstorms are a rite of summer.

On my ride home from work Wednesday I took the art loop of the Hank Aaron State Trail.  There is a low spot that often fills with water on this section.  I hope nobody ever fixes the drainage problem.  I love it. I shot this video there with my little point and shoot, so forgive the quality:

I filmed this video and directed my daughter Frankie’s editing.  She gets all the technical credit for cutting it together.  

The song is by Sigur Rós, a great Icelandic band that just announced they are on “hiatus.”  I hope that is not Icelandic for “broken up.”  The song is called Hippipolla, which I think means either “jumping” or “hopping puddles.” I have cut the song  a bit to fit the video.


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6 Responses to Boys and Puddles: My first video

  1. Russell says:

    Hey – I just went through the same puddle last night at about 10pm! Good fun on the bike, but really needs to be addressed for those on foot.

  2. jeffrey phelps says:

    Dave, Love the blog and your video is sweet. Keep writing and riding.

  3. Tigger says:

    Mjög fallegur í a gegnblautur tegund af vegur!

  4. Todd says:

    Very somnambulant (somnacyclant?) video, Dave. Will you need to repack that generator hub?

  5. Claus says:

    Stunning. I’ll never view the puddles on the Oak Leaf Trail the same way again.
    Thanks for posting
    Life is a four letter word spelled epic

  6. d'Andre Willis says:

    Beautiful film. I particularly love the part where you can see through the water to the tracks of bikes that came through before you. oh, and the part where your leather work shoes go under water, very cool.

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