Five Minute Friday Photo Contest Prizes

I got the word on prizes and here is the list.  I think it there is some pretty sweet schwag here, and it all has a local vibe in some way. One random drawing will be made for each catagory until the prizes are gone.  If I get more prizes donated, I will add to the list as they come in and there will be more winners. The raffle picks will be announced Friday August 27th.

I put the squeeze on Vince from Ben’s Cycle and Fitness via cell phone while he was in the hospital waiting room.  It did not seem cool, but Vince told his shop staff people could call him, so I did. His kid was having surgery (all was well when I talked to Vince) and he still took my call and committed to 3 Wald Woody 139 Baskets.  I made this deal with Vince quickly, but  I want to follow up with him to make sure he does not have some other ideas when he can actually think about it.  But I can guarrantee there will be at least one Woody basket and any other prizes we substitute for the two other baskets will be super cool too.

Ben’s is one of the coolest shops I have ever been to and has been family owned for 8o years or so!  If you need vintage Huret parts or new Campy, from in-house brazed fixie conversions to their own Milwaukee Bicycle Company Frames, Ben’s is the place to go in Milwaukee. They have three buildings on both sides of Lincoln Avenue, the loneliest mile in the world.  If you come to Milwaukee, go there.  It is a cyclists tourist attraction.  Take a stroll through history and look at Ben’s Flickr pages on the store through the ages.

From the crew at COG Magazine, 3 one-year subscriptions to COG.

When COG hit the streets, it set the new standard for all other urban bike culture rags, no, it actually created a whole new catagory of magazine with thoughtful reporting, great design and killer photos of urban bike culture from around the world.  Put out by real world Miltown messengers, COG has a fixed gear focus, but covers everything from skid tests, to the Messenger Worlds, and French constructuer frames.  COG has its finger on the pulse and is a read like no other. The main COG crew is Pete, Kevin and Von Munce, messenger royalty.  You see them, buy them a Pabst for me, I’ll pay you back.

And from Madison’s Planet Bike:

 1 Superflash and Blaze 1 Watt Light Set

Superlfash and Blaze ½ Watt Light Set

 1 Spok Light Set

These prizes will be drawn in this order, one for each catagory.

Planet Bike is synonomus with quality practical products with an emphasis on commuting.  From killer lights to some of the well designed full coverage fenders, pretty much everybody knows Planet Bike products.  But what people don’t know is that the company is 100% behind cycling.  Hey, how many other bike companies do you know with a company “manifesto?” That manifesto includes giving 25% of their profits back to the bicycle community.  But I got inside info they have always given out more than 25%, they just don’t brag on it.  Don’t even get me started on the adventures of the Lalonde brothers or the other staff there, I’d need a whole ‘nother blog for that.

If any other sponsors want to donate prizes to this contest, please email me at OVERTHEBARSMKE (AT) YAHOO (DOT) COM


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One Response to Five Minute Friday Photo Contest Prizes

  1. Tim says:

    I’d be happy to throw in a 6-month t-shirt subscription from for the winner. But does that mean I can’t win the other stuff??

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