Double Dutch Lunchtime Quickie

I ran into Eric and his Batavus at the Westown farmers market over my lunch break.  I just had time for a quick post when I got back. Sorry for the photo, my camera battery was dead when I put it up to my eye and I had to use my phone. I did not realize you could not see much of his bike in this picture. Eric, send me a few more pix of your bike and I will add them later!

Sorry you can't see Eric's bike better. As soon as I get some other pictures of his bike I will add them. Eric lived in Holland and brought his bike to Milwaukee when he moved here.


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One Response to Double Dutch Lunchtime Quickie

  1. Eric Crawford says:


    You understated your purchase when you said you bought an oma fiets. Your bike is much cooler than a traditional oma bike. From the aluminum rims to the 8 speeds – a totally cool bike. I am really jealous.

    Great to see you today, and happy riding on the newbie…!


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