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Vacation away from the bike and the computer

I leave with some other bike pals for a canoe trip to the Boundary Waters later this morning.  I will be gone until next weekend. Assuming I make it back alive, you won’t see a new post here until perhaps August … Continue reading

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Fun Friday Photo Contest

Here are this Friday’s images. The entries have slowed down, and the chances of winning are still very good. We only have about a month left, so don’t hesitate, review the catagories and rules in the menu bar above and … Continue reading

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Copenhagen through North American Eyes

I usually don’t like to simply regurgitate stuff from other blogs, but take a few minutes to watch this great new video from Streetfilms and see through the eyes of other North Americans what a city looks like when most people ride bikes … Continue reading

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Planet Bike Blaze Dynamo raises the bar for urban headlamps

Planet Bike sent me their Blaze Dynamo headlamp to test.  The light is designed to work with all the modern 6 volt dyno hubs. It comes with a standlight feature so it stays on for a few minutes when you stop for a red light or park and … Continue reading

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Sightseeing or Commuting?

It is almost impossible to hurry Oma along. She takes her own sweet time getting to work and home again. You just have to get in that spirit if you are going to ride with her, and perhaps leave a … Continue reading

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When I was young I biked ten miles through the snow to get to school…

Someone on the Milwaukee Bikes to Work Yahoo Group recently asked at what age do parents allow their kids to bike to school. The percentage of U.S. students who walk and/or bicycle to school has dropped from about 50 percent … Continue reading

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Fun Friday Photo Contest

More nice photos have been coming in for the contest.  I will put a handful up today.  Don’t feel slighted if yours does not get posted.  I don’t have room to put them all up.  I promise to get a … Continue reading

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I’m digging it!

One of the primary reasons why I ride in vintage suits and such is because I believe the image of someone riding a bike in nice clothes will do more to encourage others to ride than all the “green, healthy, sustainable, etc.” … Continue reading

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Tasty Treat #2: Raised Bike Lanes

This is the second in a series of posts in which I dissect some of the bigger proposals in the City of Milwaukee Bicycle Master Plan. The total plan is more than 200 pages if you include the appendices, so … Continue reading

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Milwaukee Bike Plan: The Big Picture

Here are links to the latest overall map and the draft updated City of Milwaukee bike plan.  Both are large files. If you open any of these maps on your desktop, you should be able to zoom in on the high res pdf and see the locations … Continue reading

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