Friday Photo Contest

Kurt sent this phone photo (hence the low res) the other day when it was so hot outside. I'm glad it cooled off without going this far.

I only got a couple photos to add this week.  The contest ends soon, and it seems like almost everybody who entered is going to win a prize thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and the relatively low number of entries.  I thought with all the photographers I know, more of them would enter.  There is still time to win, so send in pix if you got them. I know some of you have more photos.  I would also love it if I got some more images taken in other countries.  I know some of you readers have those because you told me you do. Review the rules above if you are intersted and send your photos my way via

Tim Cigelske of sent this photo from San Francisco. Whenever I look at photos of bikes on bridges, I imagine what our photos could look like from the Hoan Bridge. Anyone have any photos they poached on a run over the Hoan? All I have are from the Santa Rampage.


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