I Scream for … Gelato?

I know this is Milwaukee, but our closest neighborhood custard stand is a gelato stand,  Cold Spoons Gelato. I have always followed the rule that if you live in Milwaukee, you should eat frozen custard (Leon’s if possible) three times a week.  I can’t remember where I heard this rule, but I live by it.  In a pinch though, I run down to Cold Spoons and get some of their sumptuous gelato. 

I look a bit maniacal in this panda shot. Perhaps that is the way I always look before I get my fix.

There are so many outrageous flavors at Cold Spoon it is hard to choose.

Custard is not unique to Milwaukee, but it is much more prevalent in the Cream City than elsewhere.  I remember when some friends from the Twin Cities moved to Milwaukee, they asked me what was up with all the pudding stands listed under ice cream in the phone book.  Custard is made with cream, eggs and churned slowly so it has less air than ice cream.  Gelato is also churned very slowly and often includes eggs, but is typically made with some milk instead of just cream. Gelato tends to have explosive off-beat flavors. I am old-school and cheap, so given an even choice, I remain partial to Leon’s custard, but Cold Spoons gelato is darned tasty. 

As much as I love the Euro and Dutch bikes, it is hard to beat a vintage Schwinn.

I rode down there to meet Jason and Kerry. They are Gelatotarians and have to eat gelato three times a day for religious reasons.  J & K bombed down on their sweet rootbeer-colored Schwinn Twinn tandem.  

Blood orange and pink grapefruit gelato, mmmmm.

I also ran into Betty and her brother Jeff.  Betty is a friend and neighbor who lives about 9 blocks from us.   Liz, Frankie and I often eat Thanksgiving dinner with Betty and her family since my parents moved out-of-state. The first time we went over, she greeted us at the door in a full pilgrim outfit, holding a Manhattan, up.  We knew we were in for a good time.


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