Eat, Pray, Love, Ride

Julia rides an Electra Amsterdam Sport 3i while in Bali in the movie Eat, Pray, Love. I give the bike two thumbs up.


I try to support companies that support bicycling with my purchases. A while back when I was looking for an espresso machine, I bought a Saeco because they sponsored a race team (featuring the larger than life Mario Cippolini).  When Lance and Jan were duking it out in France and I needed a new phone, I got a T-mobile sidekick because they sponsored a team.  When I heard Julia Roberts rode an Electra Amsterdam in Eat, Pray, Love, I had to see the movie. My wife Liz actually read the Elizabeth Gilbert’s mega-best seller in her neighborhood book club. But she is out-of-town on a retreat for Express Yourself Milwaukee. She is on the board of that great non-profit. 

Saddle up, it's almost sundown partner.


So last night, our daughter Frankie and I rode our dueling Dutch bikes over to the Rosebud Cinema Drafthouse to support the movie that supports sensible bicycles.  I love seeing movies at the Rosebud.  The theater features couches, good beer and cocktails, and it is all very inexpensive, especially if you use your Rosebuddy card. 

We did our best to try to blend in with all the book clubbers at the flick, but I;m afraid we stuck out a bit.  I seemed to be the only man in the theater who wasn’t working there, and she seemed to be the only kid.  No big deal, I’m used to not blending in.  

I’m gonna guess the book was better than the movie.  The movie wasn’t bad, and I go to see most every movie that shows at the Rosebud because I like it so much, but it sure did not live up to the hype the book got.  No need for a spoiler alert, I won’t tell you how it ends.  Just take you along for the ride to the movie. 

Double Dutch, Electra and Workcycles


View from the ElectraView from Oma


View from Oma


There ought to be a name for the photographs made by two people taking pictures of each other at the same time, but I have not heard one yet.  Suggestions? 



Say Cheese!



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