The Pop-in

I like living in the Washington Heights neighborhood for many reasons.  There are great restaraunts, coffee shops, movie theaters, gelato, etc.  But one of the nicest things is the neighborhood pop-in by friends.  Today we had three such visits, and every one of our friends came by bicycle.  First was Steve, who came by while I was putting the front rack on Oma.  He was doing a bit of cyclocross training at Washington Park, another great area asset.  Then Patrick, Mandy, Paxton and Mila came by.  They looked the perfect cycling family, so I grabbed a couple quick photos of them.  Finally, John and Linsey came by on their bikes while I was at the co-op.  John was riding the new Specialized Globe I helped him purchase at Ben’s Cycle Saturday morning. I wsh I had thought to photograph them all, but I did not think of it when Steve came by and I was gone when John and Linsey rolled over.

Patrick, Pax, Mandy and Mila (right to left)

Bye Bye Mila, vous êtes très cyclechic!


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