The Forgotten E: Selling Cycling

Building bike lanes and paths is one sure way to get more people biking. But we can’t put the full weight of developing a sustainable and balanced transportation system on the shoulders of the engineers. We need all five Es: Engineering, Enforcement, Education, Evaluation and Encouragement.

Encouragement is perhaps the most underfunded of the Es. Think about all the money spent advertising cars and marketing the auto-centric lifestyle, and it is no wonder most people hop in a car before they even consider walking, taking transit, or biking. Like Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire, Biking, walking and transit have had to depend on the kindness of strangers to play public service announcements, usually at off-peak viewing hours.  Despite that, there have been a number of pretty good bike to work spots.  Here are a few I like.  If you have one you really like, send me the link. Milwaukee produced a pretty decent bike to work spot, but I only have it on video tape.  As soon as I get it put on a disc, I will upload it and post it on Over the Bars.

Since I reviewed the Vanmoof yesterday, I thought I would show the Dutch try to get even more (than their paltry 30%) people biking to work.

The Bay area seems to be appealing to a different market share with this short spot:

This PSA from Vancouver was used to encourage people to bike to work during the Olympics

Tucson uses this humorous video:

This one goes well beyond biking to work and is pretty much perfect. It was produced for People for Bikes, which is a group of bicycle industry leaders working to get more people riding.  They take a very different approach to advertising from the auto industry.


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