Friday Photo Contest: Last Day Entries

 This is the last day for photo entries into the contest.  I am pulling the plug on the contest as of this post.  I had hoped to announce the winners of the drawing today, but entries came in to several different email accounts despite my request that all go to overthebarsmke yahoo account.  Many also came in without complete address info, so it is taking me a bit longer to sort them than I anticipated. 

So I will go through the entries this weekend and announce the winners on Monday.  I hope this contest has inspired some people to get creative and notice things that they might normally overlook. Thanks to everyone who entered and a big thanks to the sponsors who provided the prizes.

I love the juxtapostion of Linda Binder's little Dahon Ciao and the massive willow tree in Klode Park. The Ciao is perfect for Laura because she is a great mandolin player and plays a lot of Brazilian influenced music. Check out her Myspace page for samples. Laura, what do think about working together to make a music video featring bikes and your tunes?

Perfect Day from Wayne Rokicki. Hard to argue.

Urban warrior from Wayne Rokicki

Mara Kuhlmann's winter commute on the east side Oak Leaf Trail. I am grateful that it has cooled off of late, but I can wait for this.


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2 Responses to Friday Photo Contest: Last Day Entries

  1. Linda Binder says:

    The little bike/massive tree juxtaposition is what I liked best about that photo too, and its the thing that really impressed me in person, standing there by that amazing willow. I LOVE the idea of working together on a music and bike video! I’m in!
    -Linda Binder

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