Milwaukee, won’t you be my BFFF next year?

Last weekend the Bicycle Film Festival was in Milwaukee as part of its world tour.  This was the tenth anniversary of the BFF and its second year in Milwaukee.  The folks at COG Magazine do most of work to get the festival here.  The Times Cinema has been the host theater both years.  The Times is an awesome neighborhood resource.  It shows first run films,  vintage movies and art house productions.  Most movies are only $5.  It has couches and you can get a tall Jack and Coke for $5.  What more could you ask for? 

Despite the great theater, the bicycle parking lot, and local promotion by the social media gurus at COG, the two nights were under attended by my estimation.  Almost nobody biked over from the East Side, Riverwest or Bay View.  I don’t understand that.  The films included a cyclocross film for the cross crowd, a documentary on Lucas Brunelle for the fixie folks, bike polo for those people, etc. If you have an idea why so few of the usual crews made the effort to go, please comment.  If you did not go, let me know why (unless it was because of your kid’s birthday or something like that).  In the meantime, here are some photos so you get a feel for the scene you missed. Maybe next year those of you who missed it will become Bicycle Film Festival Fans. 

I love this place.

Beauty Squared

Who needs CPH CC when Linsey is around?

Nice rod brake Raleigh, Ken.

Guess who was there?

Guess again

The PD!

Creeper alert


Heading home

Brenden heading to my patio for the Necco post party


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4 Responses to Milwaukee, won’t you be my BFFF next year?

  1. Jason says:

    Dave, I’m glad you mentioned this….especially since the after party on Friday seemed to be very well attended.
    In other cities, the lines to get in stretch around the block.
    Maybe next year they’ll decide to skip Milwaukee due to poor attendance.
    Sorry to sound so cynical, Schlabowske.

  2. Jake Newborn says:

    We discussed at some length as too why there weren’t more people there. It was a shame. Sadly I feel that if this event were held at the Oriental or Downer it would be packed, as great at The Times is.

    I truly hope there is a way to get the BFF back next year, but the venue may have to change or maybe offer free gelato.

    P.S. I was at every showing and had a great time.

  3. Dave Steele says:

    Dave, as a fellow west sider I find it a little frustrating that we think nothing of heading east or south for things to do, but our friends on the East Side, Riverwest or Bay View almost never head west.

    I saw a hipster-style T-shirt for sale at Brew City Beer Gear that had a cartoon rendering of a map of Milwaukee. They had a representation of different neighborhoods: East Side, Riverwest, Downtown, Third Ward, Marquette, Bay View … and that’s it. Nothing west of downtown, no mention of the South Side outside of Bay View. As if two-thirds of the city doesn’t merit being on the shirt.

    Maybe next year some of us West Siders can lead group rides over from Riverwest and Bay View to the Times Cinema. That is, if the Film Fest comes back to the Mil.

  4. Chris K says:

    i guess i’ve been living under a rock or something. by the time i found out about the event (which was your blog) i already had plans.

    curious though, not even the bike fed blog picked up on this event.

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