1978? Seriously?

Older, but happier ... on the way to Juniper.


OK, its true, I just bought my first pair of blue jeans since 1978. I gave up blue jeans when I turned punk rock and have not looked back since then.  As I slid from punk to working photographer to bureaucrat, blue jeans were somehow a forgotten wardrobe option.  Maybe it is because I purchase most of my clothes at thrift and resale stores, but I never bought another pair until this weekend. I can’t really explain why I broke my 30 year blue jean boycott, perhaps I have finally accepted that at 48 years of age, I am not punk anymore. That’s OK, it’s no fun being angry anyway.  

After years of wearing nothing but activewear and dress slacks, I was not sure if Levi’s would fit my velostyle.  But I found wearing jeans was like riding a bike.


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4 Responses to 1978? Seriously?

  1. welcome back to the jean set….i’m 10 years older than you so i missed the punk scene. however, as an avid fan of neil young, my entire wardrobe is made up of jeans. as i said, welcome back. by the way people like neil and green day aren’t angry…they simply raise issues others are too often too timid to raise themselves. let’s stay in touch re: BAG IT, the movie speaking of issues.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      How about a ride from the West Side to the movie at the Riverside UEC. The West Side ride could start at the UEC in Washington and then head back to the Heights for a nightcap at a bar or restraurant. Email details about the Bag It movie to me at overthebarsmke@yahoo.com. I think you sent me the details once, but it would make it easier to get them again.

  2. Tim says:

    I knew you were a closet conformist.

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