Headwind Haiku

 Haiku are not something that directly translate into English poetic form.  The closest I can come to figuring out how to write one is three phrases of 5-7-5 syllables.  Often Haiku contain a metaphoric reference to the seasons and a word that sort of cuts the poem in two.  In part because the process pushes thoughts of work out of your mind, dreaming up a haiku while riding a bicycle has a meditative quality that turns your commute into a ride.  It forces you to be in the moment, in touch with your surroundings, your body and your bicycle. I’m clearly just a hack, but the wind yesterday inspired me.  Feel free to comment with your own haiku about your ride yesterday. 

Fall gusts scour my face

Up State gears and muscles mash

Fighting to get home

Fallen tree branches testify to the power of the 45mph wind gusts Tuesday.



About daveschlabowske

Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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9 Responses to Headwind Haiku

  1. kurt says:

    too strong a headwind
    pushing me backwards each way
    screw it, I’m driving

  2. Russell says:


  3. Todd says:

    Summer’s death births Fall
    Garbage missiles, falling limbs
    The Wind howls, “helmets!”

  4. Dave Steele says:

    Downtown wind tunnel
    You are a leaf carried along
    Fall’s uncaring fist, in charge.

  5. Jason says:

    This is America, where even Haiku should rhyme 🙂
    Invisible foe
    Forces a shift into “low”
    Still straining to go

  6. michael hopp says:

    blonde hair streams past ears
    Polish prince shifts to low gear
    home, Liz and cold beers

  7. John Sieger says:

    Limerick About A Haiku

    A poet who pedals might like to
    Go for a spin and write haiku
    Just hop on your Schwinn
    And write in the wind
    I think you should call it a “bike-u”

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