Oma goes back to school


Liz bikes to school (work) every day, all year round, but this will be the first year on Oma. She used to ride the Electra Amsterdam.

It is back to school time and Liz has a room full of 1st graders ready to soak up everything she can throw at them.  Her pink bike is tough as nails, but it was set up as a Sunday cafe ride without fenders and only a very lightweight rack, so she switched to riding that beast of burden Oma to carry all her books and stuff back and forth to school.  I had a basic black milk crate on the front rack, so I swapped that out for a more feminine black wicker basket with a green print cotton liner.  I thought the liner would match the green Dutch panniers if Liz ever needed to use those too.  

I actually installed that bike rack at this school about 8 years ago when my daughter went to school at Neeskara, which is our neighborhood school.


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