In Manhattan it is rush hour all day long. In the 20 plus years I have been going there, only the fearless couriers and hard working delivery guys dared mix it up on bikes with the cabs, buses and big trucks.  On the asphalt, lane lines meant little and a horn or a finger were the only signals used. Regular people stuck to the sidewalks and the subways, only stepping off the curb to catch a cab or cross the street. Riding a bike in Manhattan was rougher than making cold call in Midtown.  

But on Wednesday the sun came out in Manhattan, and it shined a warm light on all the  fabulous new bike lanes.  Out of those green bike lanes rolled all the New Yorkers who were finally free to move about above ground. The delivery guys were still pedaling with their baskets brimming.  The couriers were still surfing the avenue green waves.  What was new were the brokers on bikes, the mom’s picking up their kids from school and the 5th Avenue shoppers.  Of course where you find New Yorkers, you find the fashionable, and now, the cyclechic.

The look says it all. This is how you get more people on bikes.

This look is was everywhere in Manhattan: suitcoat, jeans, loafers, no socks.

I saw these classic stylings everywhere in Manhattan, but the pedals and the Oury grips are a new accessories..

Coasting through Williamsburg


I ran into this guy and photographed him in SoHo, later in the Village, and again in Williamsburg. You have to love New York; he never batted an eye as I rode next to him, motor drive firing away. To all you real bike geeks out there, yes, that is a Nagasawa he is riding.

Sharp as a tack, or is it bad luck to say that?


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3 Responses to NYCyclechic

  1. David, not clear if you still want to try to do a Bike to Bag It on the 23rd but since you just returned from big apple thought I’d send the link below for Bag It’s New York premier. It appears we get Jeb Berrier and Bag It one day before the big city.

    I have Jeb scheduled on Kathleen Dunn’s public radio show on 10/18 and arranged for the director to be interviewed for a tape delayed broadcast on Mitch Teich’s (WUWM) Lake Effect. That interview should run the week of 10/18.

    As of now only 40 tickets remain. As you know if we bike I was hoping to work with Bike Fed and you to get 20 people or thereabouts to buy tickets and then we’d bike up to the documentary from Commerce St. with Jeb.

    I note all of this as an update. Let me know if you would still like to bike in which case we have to try to get 20 people to buy a ticket and join us. If yes I’ll try to push it at Crankdaddy’s and a few other places. I’ve not had much success with the Bike Fed.

    If no, “no harm, no foul” as we say in the game of basketball.

    P.S. nice blog from N.Y. I think Milwaukee is on the move because of people like you, your blog and the Bike Fed.

    • daveschlabowske says:


      I am interested. I will send out an email to the listserv to see if there is other interest from the west side. $10 tickets, right?


    • daveschlabowske says:

      Did you see my email on the milbtw yahoo group about the bike to bag it ride?

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