NYC Parking Taste Treats


On my way from the LaGuardia to the hotel, I came across this covered bike parking near a subway stop near the end of the Pulaski Bridge. Parking demand is certainly a key indicator of the health of the bike culture anywhere. This full covered parking was surrounded by even more full uncovered racks.

I just love these old delivery bikes.

Pretty genius kid carrier.

I saw quite a few Dutch bikes in New York.

Commercial off-street bike parking? Pretty cool, and I actually saw someone using it.


About daveschlabowske

Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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2 Responses to NYC Parking Taste Treats

  1. d'Andre says:

    I guess paid bike parking is a ways off in Milwaukee…we all know people who would pass on going to a destination if they were charged $1 to park an automobile.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Exactly d’Andre. Parking (for cars) in Milwaukee is underpriced and too plentiful. It is one of the great unspoken of subsidies for people who drive motor vehicles. In general, I think every car requires 5 parking spaces. But if you live in New York, or Chicago, where parking is priced more according to market demand and demand is high, perhaps paying $1 per day for secure bike parking sounds like a deal.

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