All Mods Con: Courtney SS MTB

I have been a bit remiss in reporting about my personal bikes.  By now I should probably have all my personal bikes up on the “My bikes and bikes I like” page.  How can blogs take so much time?  Although I still have a few other bikes to introduce, but here is one of my favorites.

About 10 years ago I traded a bunch of tubing and lugs I was not going to use to a builder named Troy Courtney in Illinois.  In return he built me this sweet single speed, fully-lugged mountain bike with all mods con.  I asked him to put about every braze on possible on this bike, and Troy complied.  This bike’s true claim to fame is that Gary Fischer saw it and said “Sweet Bike!”  High praise indeed.

I asked Troy to paint the bike orange with the old Schwinn vibe. Both the white and the orange are pearls. I think you will agree, Troy nailed it with this paint.

Double eyelets? Check. Bottle opener? Double check.

You can date this bike if you can remember when Zoom made mtb components. The Oury grips were classics as soon as they hit the market.

The Everest semi-sloping fork crown was about all that was commercially available back when this bike was built. Today Kirk Pacenti and Bob Brown both make really sweet mtb fork crowns with more mud clearance. Still, I think Troy artfully melded the crown with the curves of the lugs.

Double eyelets and front low-rider rack mounts are the obvious braze-ons. This bike also has braze-ons to mount the fender under the steerer tube and on the chainstay bridge.


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5 Responses to All Mods Con: Courtney SS MTB

  1. Ronsta says:

    Oh so sweet!

  2. Troy A. Courtney says:

    Dave, thanks for the kind words. Your ride was a fun one to build. Glad to see it is alive and well. Regards, Troy

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Hey Troy! How did you find my little corner of the blogosphere? I looked for an active website for you to link to, but I could not find anything. You still building for others? If you are, send me the URL.

      Yes the bike is still in regular rotation in my stable and my go-to mtb for local trail rides. I believe in 29ers, 650b’s and suspension, but why fix what ain’t broken?

      Glad to hear from you.

      • Troy A. Courtney says:

        I use a variety of google alerts to track any of my frames being sold or commented on. Unfortunately, is essentially down. Has been gone for about three years. Putting three kids through college and a new job put a severe damper in my ability to deliver product in a reasonable manner, so I shut it down; for now. I had to stop email to cccycles due to the excessive spam I was getting (900-1200 per day). I do look forward to getting back into building.

      • daveschlabowske says:

        Let us know if you do Troy, you are a talented builder.

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