Beerline Trail Map

I made this map to highlight the new Beerline Trail. You can also find it on Google maps if you turn the bicycle features on, but it does not show the sidewalk section of the trail and misses or blurs some other features.

#1 Bicycles are allowed on the wide sidewalk sidepath since this is designated as part of the Beerline Trail.  That said, I find riding on Commerce Street to be more pleasant.

#2 The Marsupial Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge hangs under the Holton Street bridge.  It serves as a connection between the Brady Street area and the west side trail.

#3 The trail switchbacks up the hill here.

#4 If you are riding on the sidewalk, you need to cross Commerce Street here and get on Riverboat Road (or the sidewalk along Riverboat), but there is no curb ramp yet, so you will have to ride over the grass and the curb.

#5 At the very end of Riverboat Road, the sidewalk transitions into a trail that goes down the hill and under the North Avenue Bridge.  This is where the new section of paved trail begins and runs up to Gordon Park.


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Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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One Response to Beerline Trail Map

  1. d'Andre Willis says:

    Explored the new trail today – it’s fantastic! Lovely view of the colors today, fair number of bikers and walkers enjoying the new route. Makes it possible to get from the East Side or Riverwest to the Milwaukee Rowing Club and the Marsupial Bridge with very little time on busy streets. Well done to all the groups and individuals who pulled together to create this terrific collaborative project!

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