All dressed up and looking for somewhere to go?

Whether you are dressed in your finest cyclechic outfit or your favorite costume, here are a bunch of cool cycling events on the calendar in the near future.  

Who you gonna call?

This Friday is the last of the Bike-in Movie series held in the Media Garden by the Marsupial Bridge.  This is near the intersection of Pearson and Water Street, right across the street from Trocadero.  The movies are projected with equipment the City of Milwaukee bought using an award we received for the Marsupial Bridge and the Media Garden.  But the series has a number of great sponsors, but it is primarily organized and put on by members of the Pedal Pusher Society and the good folks at Cog Magazine.

Although there has been beer and pizza at the movies in the past, I would not count on it. This is more of a BYOP (popcorn) sort of event, but you can always pop across the street to Trocadero if you get thirsty and did not bring anything to drink. Watch out for green jello is all I gotta say. 

Click on the image above for more information and to register

While the movie is fun, the first big event on the horizen is the annual Saris Gala, which is a big fund raiser of a party for the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.  The Saris Gala is held at the Saris Cycling Group factory in Madison.  This year Phil Ligget is the guest speaker.  Phil is the wonderful announcer for the Tour de France and other major races, famous for his “liggettisms” like “dancing on the pedals,” “not a pedal turned in anger,” and “showed them a clean pair of wheels.”

The Gala has other attractions, like a silent auction, a live auction, free food and beverages, music, and on and on.  All the local and many national bicycle celebrities will be there.  Usually the king of domestic cycle chic Gary Fisher is in attendance.  There will be vans from the Wheel and Sprocket stores to take people to and from Madison.

Click on the image above for more information.

The following day back in Milwaukee there is a Halloween Costume Crawl ride to raise money for the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.  This ride is being thrown and organized by the fine folks at Cafe Hollander, a dandy destination to drink a beer.  I can only assume most of you local readers have been to Cafe Hollander for the great beer and food as well as to soak in the huge bicycle vibe, bigger than Roger De Vlaeminck’s sideburns.

Coming directly on the heels of the Saris Gala, I will be looking to Russell the Omnipresent for inspiration and the stamina to tackle both events.  I’m sure R will not only be at both, but probably race in between somewhere. Unless I come up with something really great soon, I think I am going to stick with my costume from last year. I like it and it creeped a lot of people out.

Click on the image for a pdf you can print.

Finally, save December 11th for the Santa Cycle Rampage.  What started a handfull of years ago as a little fun ride to energize our local winter bike commuters has turned into a pretty big event.  Last year we had more than 200 Santas and Santa’s helpers on the ride. 

The route was so good last year, we are pedaling the same path again this year. While anyone can come on the ride, santa suit or not, I strongly encourage you to get as complete a santa/elf/dreidel costume as you can.  I cannot overemphasize the power of riding a bicycle in a Santa suit.  It is the one time a year that every person in a car is glad to see you riding your bike. It used to be easy to find a santa suit for $15 at Walgreens, but last year they did not stock them.  If you need a cheap Santa suit, I would just order one from Amazon for $20 bucks rather than try to find one locally.  You can check the Value Villages though, you might get lucky like I did.

This year I am super psyched because I managed to find not only a really nice Santa suit at the Value Village, but I also found real Santa boots.  Most santa suits come with furry spats you put over black shoes or boots.  But now I have the real deal.


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8 Responses to All dressed up and looking for somewhere to go?

  1. Russell says:

    you forgot the all imortant Cyclocross Race in Washington Park!

  2. Casey says:

    Thanks for the great list of upcoming events, but you forgot about the Trocadero Halloween Cyclocross race in Washington Park on Saturday, October 30th. You mentioned that Russell would find a race in between the Saris Gala and the Halloween Pub Crawl and this is it! Good times are guaranteed whether you’re a racer or not, so come on out to watch the costumed racers, enjoy some mayhem and free chili at the run-up, and bring your kids for the free kids race. And don’t forget your costume!

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Hmm, all the events I listed emailed me an electronic file of their event with information. I did not get anything from you jokers. While I typically don’t promote races on my blog, I do promote races with costumes for reasons you know only too well. Send me the poster/flyer or at least a good photo and I will put it up.

  3. Todd says:

    Seriously, Dave (see Russell’s comment). Youre off the team! Oh, wait a minute…
    For anyone interested:

  4. KB says:

    Thanks for the information about these events! I’ve been looking for ways to ride my bicycle more often (especially in the colder weather) and these events sound perfect.

  5. Jake Newborn says:

    You also forgot to mention Milwaukee Bike Polo and Breakaway help with the BIMS as well. also the milwaukee bike swap is december 12th.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Sorry if anyone feels snubbed. I did include the poster, which has the logos for everyone on it, and I said ” the series has a number of great sponsors.”

      Email me the flyer for the swap and I will post it.

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