Calling all cross dressers, err, I mean cross racers…

Fast as Franenfurter? Brian Matter brings it in every way at every race. This was taken (credit Brian Matter) at the Trocadero Race a few years ago.

When I listed the upcoming bicycle Halloween events, I mentioned my hero Russell will probably go to them all and still find time to race somewhere.  Well of course he would mange to race in a costume at the Velo Trocadero Cyclocross Race in Saturday Oct. 30th in Washington Park.  It is a pretty big park, but registration is by the bandshell, which is also a good place to go if you just want to spectate. The racing starts at 9:45 am, with the last race at 2:15 pm.

This is an awesome race if you want to throw down with some of the fastest boys and girls on two wheels or if you just want to ring a cow bell, cheer yourself hoarse, and have an adult beverage or two.

Girl(?) scouts bunny hopping coffins? Yup, got em.

Since this is in my own back yard, I will be there, taking photos and otherwise documenting the depravity. I have raced it in the past, even though I quit training years ago.  But this year I don’t have a cyclocross bike.  I guess I could race it on a mtb, but I might just enjoy taking lots of photos and drinking beer this year instead. Another reason to go is because the team is sponsored by Trocadero Cafe Bar Tabac, one of the first truly bicycle friendly cafes in Milwaukee and still has the best patio. Finally, you should go so you can buy me a beer.  

Click here for a complete schedule of the race and categories.


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4 Responses to Calling all cross dressers, err, I mean cross racers…

  1. michael hopp says:

    no cyclocross bike? perfect excuse to add to the stable. i’m sure you already have race-worthy lingerie choices….

    • daveschlabowske says:

      One of the bikes I regret selling. But I really, really want a Pugsley for this winter and can’t afford both.

  2. michael hopp says:

    this years pugsley in snowblind white looks pretty damn cool…..

  3. Jake Newborn says:

    trying to convince Bike Polo players to get up early enough to put on a demo for any other spectators….Look by the tennis courts on the SE end of the park if you all want to watch some world class bike polo in between races!

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