I feel better now

I found the election and worries about the future clouded my thoughts Wednesday.  I had nothing but repetitive paperwork to do all day at the office that left at least part of my brain free to dwell on the losses and what they might mean.  My ride home was offered no respite until I decided to take a detour on Bicycle John’s Art Trail.  Before I knew it I was lost in John’s linear wonderland.  There were a couple new things to look at and I noticed a recurring theme I missed in the past.

Take a bit of time to really look at this headstone.

Rocket Rabbit flies again. Rabbit was down last time I was through the trail.

The urban opposite of Calder.

You have to look at the details, because they are everywhere and add depth.

What time is it Andrew?


About daveschlabowske

Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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One Response to I feel better now

  1. arlen says:

    you see….
    those are the things i look for….
    and i also create….
    very primal….
    very pagan….
    very close to my heart….

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