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Sacrifice in the Spirit of all Seasons

 I’m on vacation all week, which means no daily bike commute.  Lack of exercise plus too many Christmas cookies means I am packing on a few unwanted pounds.  My buddy Russell is in a similar situation and the Facebook photos of his new trainer guilted … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays Everyone

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The Perfect Coat

 The Hank Aaron State Trail has been clear of snow for a while now, so I am back to riding on it.  It still has a lot more ice patches than the roads, but I ride slowly and have studded … Continue reading

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More data on helmets

This just published from our cycling allies in the Motor City.  Note, this data is certainly not conclusive, but since more data is always better than less, I thought I would share it. Michigan Bicycle-Vehicle Crashes: Helmet vs. no-helmet We … Continue reading

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Meet the Governor: UPAF may get the Hoan

Last week I got a call from the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin asking for a few elevator statistics about bicycling in Milwaukee.  The staff person told me that BFW Executive Director Kevin Hardman and some bicycle industry leaders would be meeting with … Continue reading

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Fixed on Girl Power

As a father with a daughter and someone who believes getting more women to ride bikes is one of the keys to saving the world, I have to share this wonderful short film that just gets everything right.  Thanks to Ali D., one of the world’s unsung heros, … Continue reading

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Studded tires summary and winter bikes

d’Andre’s post yesterday’s about studded tires had a lot of good advice in the article and the comment section that I thought were worth summarizing today.  Below are the highlights of sage winter cycling advice I pulled from all the comments Studded tires, … Continue reading

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WSJ: fashion and bicycle advice?!?

A friend sent me an email tipping me off to a short article in the Wall Street Journal  that offered fashion advice to professional women interested in riding a bike to work.  I was a bit suprised that the WSJ even … Continue reading

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Got Studs?

Regular guest on Over the Bars, d’Andre Willis does, and she was kind enough to share her experience with these winter cycling confidence builders.  Thanks d’Andre! After being sidelined for two weeks by travel and a bad cold, I’m back on the … Continue reading

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Drive to the store and save gas?

I almost always go grocery shopping by bicycle.  Oma can carry a prodigious amount of essentials in just her panniers and front basket.  For bigger loads I pull an old Burley trailer.  I shop by bike for the same reasons … Continue reading

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