Santa Cycle Rampage

Some photos from previous years.

Santas on Brady

Holiday Cheer outside the Nomad

Father Christmas

You'll have an elfin good time

Fearless leader


About daveschlabowske

Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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7 Responses to Santa Cycle Rampage

  1. Dave Reid says:

    I can’t wait! Gotta run around tonight and find a costume but I hope to see you there!

  2. Chris Q says:

    I’m fighting a bad cold, otherwise I’d be there tomorrow! I hope everyone has a mighty fun ride!

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Stay home, stay under lots of blankets, eat soup, drink tea and snack on Christmas cookies. Hmm, why am I leaving the house again?

      Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Jason says:

    Dave, Firstly,welcome back! I wanna get that outta the way now so I can maintain my policy of not mentioning the word “blog” out loud in real life.:)
    Secondly, I have a pic of you on that gravel pile, too, except your arm is raised like you are doing a Pope wave. It was right before we went over the Hoan.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Just use “Over the Bars” instead. I’m not a fan of the word much either. See you tomorrow am at your paint shop Msr. Sanchez.

  4. Bill Sell says:

    Thanks to all the Santas out there bringing the city good cheer.

  5. Meghan says:

    Another great year! This event is better than real Christmas.

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