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WSJ: fashion and bicycle advice?!?

A friend sent me an email tipping me off to a short article in the Wall Street Journal  that offered fashion advice to professional women interested in riding a bike to work.  I was a bit suprised that the WSJ even … Continue reading

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Got Studs?

Regular guest on Over the Bars, d’Andre Willis does, and she was kind enough to share her experience with these winter cycling confidence builders.  Thanks d’Andre! After being sidelined for two weeks by travel and a bad cold, I’m back on the … Continue reading

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Drive to the store and save gas?

I almost always go grocery shopping by bicycle.  Oma can carry a prodigious amount of essentials in just her panniers and front basket.  For bigger loads I pull an old Burley trailer.  I shop by bike for the same reasons … Continue reading

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Fancy Riding Allowed

If you have not already seen it, Bike Fancy is an awesome new female-centric cyclechic photo blog out of Chicago.  Professional photographer Martha Williams is the creative force behind Bike Fancy, and I have copied and pasted a few of … Continue reading

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Dressing (and biking) for cold, office and evening

Today after work I have plans to meet a friend for dinner and a movie, so I had to dress for the commute to work, for meetings at the office and wear something comfortable for the evening out. Since it … Continue reading

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Holiday gift idea: biking around the world

If your favorite someone doesn’t have enough vacation to take a 26,000 mile bike ride, you can still give them a velovicarious around the globe thrill via the book Falling Uphill by local lad Scott Stole.  You can order the print version if you … Continue reading

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Single Digits Suit

I described how I typically dress for the cold and work in my post “Baby it’s cold outside” a couple of days ago. My goal in all seasons is to dress in a way that appears accessible and relatively effortless in the hopes … Continue reading

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