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Great short film

I discovered it on Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Images like these are what sell cycling. Except for the large crowd shot, someone could make a similar video to sell cycling in Milwaukee, shooting on some trails, alleys, bike friendly neighborhoods. EXPO bicycle city from martin … Continue reading

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Sunny Sunday and Spring Ride Schedule

It was so nice to have a bright sunny day for a change I decided to take Oma out for a long Sunday ride yesterday.  Although she is usually all Dutch practicality from head to toe, she still enjoys a nice slow ride along … Continue reading

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Biking to and from General Mitchell Field Airport in Milwaukee

A few times a year I get asked how to bike into and out of the airport in Milwaukee.  I have put together a Google Map (see below)  to show the route I prefer.  It uses a side service road … Continue reading

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Riding Ninja Style

Recent converstions on the Milwaukee bike to work listserv about riding without lights at night prompted me to share this video from the Portland-based Bicycle Transportation Alliance. Enjoy! Strategies for Getting Around Without Bike Lights (or Pants) from BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION … Continue reading

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In Praise of Hats

I have always liked hats.  From the definition of chic that was Jackie O in her Halston pill box to the hard scrabble farmer in his Dekalb seed cap, hats have been more than a fashion accessory; they are often a … Continue reading

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Tracking cultural change

I have been working for the City of Milwaukee for six years.  When I first started, I was the only person in my building who biked to work in the winter.  Today when I pulled up to the door of … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle

New Computer? Check. Adobe Creative Suite 5? Natch. Back in the blogging saddle?  Giddy-up! Sorry for the long break, but without a personal IT staff, it has taken me a bit longer than anticipated to buy a new computer, migrate files, and … Continue reading

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Computer Woes

I am in between computers at home right now as my old Dell gave up the ghost.  I purchased a new notebook last night, but I don’t have it set up yet.  I should be back up and running soon, but … Continue reading

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Gaining Momentum

Yesterday when I got home from work I was excited to find my first print issue of Momentum Magazine in the mail. I have been following the magazine for some time now, but only on the web.  I’m no Luddite, but in … Continue reading

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Snow ride, take it easy

My first ride back to work in 11 days began with a pleasant dusting of snow yesterday.  Nothing even plowable, but it made for a pretty ride. Even with such a light amount of snow and my studded tires, I … Continue reading

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