Rated G for Great Coat

Lakeshore State Park is commuter heaven…paths are plowed in the winter and the views are always inspiring.  The sky is different every morning and evening.  Last Monday morning, the sunshine was able to find a few holes in the clouds here and there to spotlight some of our landmarks. 

Why wouldn't you add this to your commute if you can? Hard to remember this was just a pile of rocks not too many years ago.

 The park is home to a lot of fishing action, including the parking areas and railings designed for fisherperson access along the stretch south of the new peninsula.

And, since this is a State Park in the great State of Wisconsin, should we be surprised to find ice fishing this time of year? Of course not! Note the auger…these fellows mean business. You could throw a snowball and hit downtown from where these ice fishing shanties are set up.

Now that the chill is here to stay for a while, I’ve made a few adjustments to my riding wardrobe.  First, I found a Great Coat (as opposed to Dave’s Perfect Coat from last week) and rocked it on my commute for the first time this morning.   It’s terrific – found it on sale at Hot Pop in the Third Ward during a late Christmas shopping foray.   Sleeves are long for good wrist coverage, the buttons are high to allow good flexibility, and the hem drapes to the knees even while riding.   Toasty!

Accessorize for added warmth and style.

To round out the winter wardrobe, I’m trying a new tactic….adding one extra layer to my work duds that can be removed when I get to the office.   This is a little different from Dave’s approach of cycling in warmer work clothes plus only regular outerwear.  It works for me – I’m not taking an entire change of clothes as I did last year, but I’m still warmer on the bike and cooler in the office.  So far I’ve been sporting the following combo as the added layer:  a Smartwool jersey, a pair of cotton/lycra exercise tights, a second pair of socks and a liner under my regular hat.   These get hung up to dry during the day along with the bike.    

Our indoor bike parking room has a few open hooks during the winter.

Dressing for the ever-changing weather is always a pleasant challenge that leads to new discoveries.  Anybody find a new warm layer under the tree (or on sale) this year that you would like to share?


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6 Responses to Rated G for Great Coat

  1. Dave Reid says:

    Dave, I don’t know if we actually plow the snow in Lakeshore State Park, but what I do know is because of the location the snow almost never stays on the island it blows right off.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      The WDNR does have an annual budget to pay Milwaukee County to plow the trails on Lakeshore State Park. But you are right in the snow blows off.

  2. Dave Reid says:

    @dave Interesting, I didn’t know that.. Hopefully we’ll still have those funds next year.

  3. Tim K says:

    While not new this year, I love my Mt. Borah thermal cycling jersey. It is incredibly warm and with a full zipper it is easy to get o and off. I wear it tight and it fits neatly under any jacket or vest and is a perfect layer for morning like today (4 feels like -10). A big plus is the fuzzy inside that is about the softest thing you will ever potentially put next to your skin and it is made in Wisconsin (http://mtborah.com/our-products/cool-weather-gear/glacier-thermal-long-sleeve-jersey1/).

  4. Sonia says:

    Wow, LOVE the coat! The dusty rose trim brings it all together.

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