Snow ride, take it easy

My first ride back to work in 11 days began with a pleasant dusting of snow yesterday.  Nothing even plowable, but it made for a pretty ride. Even with such a light amount of snow and my studded tires, I took it easy on the way to work because these light dustings can cover ice patches.  But then I seem to always take it easy when I ride these days.

I do like how winter seems to renew itself with each minor melt and every snowfall.

My tires appear to make their own mini snow machine as they throw the powder from beneath my fender into the beam of my headlight.


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9 Responses to Snow ride, take it easy

  1. Bill Sell says:

    I find the fear of cold is larger than cold itself. Once I’m out there rolling along (and wrapped in layers) I’m happy. My first ride during a snow (last year) since I was a kid, was like biking in a dream. I left the office late after the car-commuters were off the road; the ride was serene.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      That seems a universal feeling Bill. It wonderful how the snow somehow cleanses and softens our world, if only for a while.

  2. Tom Held says:

    Great photo, Dave. The roads were in good shape yesterday, but that wind had a nasty edge.

  3. Dave Steele says:

    Some of the happiest moments I’ve had on a bicycle have been riding along on peaceful side streets or bike paths on an inch or two of fresh powder. The studded tires give me a sense of security, and with the snow glistening off the trees, a fresh white coat over everything, it really can be a transcendent experience. It’s like gliding along on a cloud.

    Plus usually when it snows it’s a little warmer, like upper 20s or low 30s.

  4. michael hopp says:

    I’ll second that. Nice image.

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