Gaining Momentum

Yesterday when I got home from work I was excited to find my first print issue of Momentum Magazine in the mail. I have been following the magazine for some time now, but only on the web.  I’m no Luddite, but in this modern age of blogs and kindles, I still find reading a printed magazine so much more satisfying than looking at it online.  I’m sure it is much greener to read the e-zine, but I confess to allowing myself the personal luxury of reading printed books (mostly from the library) and magazines.  Reading a great magazine with a glass of wine and a few truffles, certainly makes me rethink that whole personal sacrifice thing again.

Holy tungsten batman, Momentum Magazine is everything I like!

Momentum is my kind of rag.  It hits all the things I like in almost every issue.  Take the featured month shown, it begins with a cover girl welder blowing on her  tig-welding torch at Independent Fab for a story on hand made bicycles- HOT, and I don’t mean the collett.  Delve into the pages and readers are blessed with a double-truck photo to open an article on cyclechic.  Yup, this magazine gets me.

Mixing vintage with new, hey, that was my New Year's resolution last year. I must be either fashion forward or timelessly classic.

Momentum takes articles from freelancers all over the country, so it should have appeal no matter where you live and ride.  It was started by three women and is still run by two of the founders, so it always are articles includes a female point of view. I encourage readers to check out Momentum online  or their blog at the very least, and maybe even treat yourself to the print edition, you can skip the truffles and wine if you feel like you are making a sacrifice.


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