Back in the saddle

See, I have been so busy fooling with computer stuff I haven't had time to take down the tree.

New Computer? Check.

Adobe Creative Suite 5? Natch.

Back in the blogging saddle?  Giddy-up!

Sorry for the long break, but without a personal IT staff, it has taken me a bit longer than anticipated to buy a new computer, migrate files, and get everything up and running with all the applications I use for blogging.  Chief among those are Microsoft Office and Adobe’s Creative Suite 5, not inexpensive software by any means.  Expensive though it is, Adobe CS5 is a pretty amazing upgrade from CS2, which is what I use at work, and light years ahead of Photoshop 7, which is what I had on my last home computer.

I get no joy out of buying new technology.  Computers and cameras are communication tools, which I appreciate, but only so much as they help me express my ideas more easily and efficiently. While there are many time-saving new tools in CS5, the biggest bonus is the ease of importing photos as camera RAW files.  RAW files are the most information rich and least manipulated of the digital photo formats.  With Jpeg formats the camera makes a lot of assumptions about how a photograph is supposed to look and dumps and changes exposure data to reduce file size and create a consumer friendly image. 

Jpeg files are fine for many people’s uses, but most serious photographers don’t want somebody else or something else (least of all their camera) editing their work before they do.  Lots of important bits of a photograph might get lost forever on the camera’s internal “cutting room floor” in jpg files. Working in camera raw allows a photographer to choose what to save and emphasize in the final saved image, whatever format.

With the new photo editing tools at my disposal and a bug-free computer with an actual working LCD screen, blogging should be a lot more efficient and painless.  I am also patiently waiting to see if the Nikon’s d800 can compete with the Canon 5D.  If it can, I will be scraping together my pennies to buy one along with a few new prime lenses.  If it can’t, I will probably switch systems, something I have never done in my photographic history. All that is somewhere on the hazy horizon, until then, I will make do with my stalwart d90, my zooms, my limited grasp of the English language and the view from over the bars.


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6 Responses to Back in the saddle

  1. Dave Reid says:

    Welcome back (again) Dave.

  2. mr. king says:

    welcome back to the interwebs my friend! enjoy your new machine. your picture makes me think “belated Christmas gift to myself”. hmmmm. perhaps i should pick out a belated gift for myself?

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Well, it was a late present to myself, but I think of new computers like new underwear, something I need to buy every few years, but nothing to get excited about.

  3. Mark B. says:

    Great to have you back up and running. I was thinking that with all the biking you go for a less bulky camera setup like a Leica M9.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      I would gladly accept all donations to purchase a Leica M9 and the requisite glass! Actually, I have an economical substitute in the Panasonic Lumix Lx3, which actually has Leica glass. The new model of the Lx3 is the LX5, which is an even better “prosumer” small point and shoot. It shoots RAW, has a wide,fast, sharp (Leica) lens and full manual. Of course neither camera is really a substitute for the M9, but this low level bureaucrat certainly can’t afford a $7,000 camera (body only). Funny you mention that though, because I am also patiently waiting to see the Fuji X100 when it finally hits the market. It will probably be priced around $1,200. Still, I think the d800, even though a bigger DSLR, with full HD video, WAY better low light performance and the ability to build off my existing stock of lenses will be the next camera for me.

  4. d'Andre says:

    Yaaaay! So great to see you back.

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