Riding Ninja Style

Recent converstions on the Milwaukee bike to work listserv about riding without lights at night prompted me to share this video from the Portland-based Bicycle Transportation Alliance. Enjoy!

Strategies for Getting Around Without Bike Lights (or Pants) from BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION ALLIANCE on Vimeo.


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Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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5 Responses to Riding Ninja Style

  1. John Du Jour says:

    Welcome back to the blogosphere, it’s nice to have you around!

  2. Still Rollin says:


    I have a business trip on Monday and I was actually thinking of riding both ways to the airport. The Airport website has zero info that I can find about Bicycle Parking. Do you know if it’s allowed? Any idea where?

    Many Thanks:


  3. Tim K says:

    Wha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. d'Andre says:

    Nice bike!

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