Biking to and from General Mitchell Field Airport in Milwaukee

A few times a year I get asked how to bike into and out of the airport in Milwaukee.  I have put together a Google Map (see below)  to show the route I prefer.  It uses a side service road and a pedestrian crosswalk to avoid all the loops that everyone in motor vehicles are using. The first trick is to get off Hwy 38  (S Howell Ave) and onto the service road also confusingly called S Howell Service Road.  You can see this access drive at 4918 S Howell on the Google Map I created.  It is marked by the green bicycle symbol. You can look at it on this page below and pan around to see the entire route, or you can open it up as a larger map on another page to get a bigger view.

Follow this service road through the parking lots until you get to E. Joseph M Husteiner Dr. and then turn left, or east, to get into the airport.  Ride on Husteiner past the international terminal all the way to the end of the road where you will see a crosswalk that takes you over the median to the baggage terminal.  Here you can cross the drop off/pick up road and park you bike under the overhang of the parking structure.  There are bike racks here next to the motorcycle parking at the NE corner of the parking structure.  I have left my bike and Burley trailer locked up there for over a week and it was fine when I got back from my trip.

If you use Google Streetview to look, you can see the bike racks under the overhang.

Good luck and Bon Voyage!



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7 Responses to Biking to and from General Mitchell Field Airport in Milwaukee

  1. Still Rollin says:

    Wow, David that is fantastic. I was amazed the airport website had zero info.

  2. Dave Steele says:

    I used this route to ride to the airport last November when I flew out to San Francisco. The fact the bike racks are right next to the motorcycles, somewhat protected from the elements, and in a highly visible location, gave me confidence that my bike would be OK when I got back. It was.

    I took a slightly different route to get down there. Rather than take Howell all the way down from Bay View, I came down on 6th Street, then cut over on Edgerton Avenue, which intersects with Howell almost directly across the street from the sidewalk entrance.

    That was a great day. A bike ride to the airport in the morning, and a bike ride all around San Francisco in the afternoon.

  3. still rollin says:

    I finally rode to the airport today from my office on Canal Street. I took 6th to Chase, then Howell. It was magnificent spring ride on my “new” old school 10 speed road bike. If its still there tomorrow night when I return this will go down as one magnificent ride.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Never fear, the bike will be there (as long as you locked it up that is). But now I want to see the new 10-speed! Photos please.

  4. Thanks dude. This post was super helpful. The ONLY info I could find about bike racks @ the airport & then you even went the extra mile (pun intended) by providing route tips and a well annotated google map! What’s the emoticon for clapping hands? because that’s what I’d type in here ____ .
    Biked up Oklahoma to Howell to catch your route and a 6am flight. A little bit of a struggle that early in the morning up the “invisible but totally-noticeable-with-stuffed-backpack-and-computer-bag” gradual incline of Howell. However, the bonus was that, after my overnight flight back into MKE, the cruise home was that much no-peddle.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Great! FYI, there are some people looking at improving that route around the airport with some future resurfacing projects.

  5. max neuman says:

    You just saved me $100 in cab fare, many thanks.

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