Snow Day

My whole family had a snow day on Wednesday.  Milwaukee Public Schools cancelled classes so my wife Liz, who is an MPS teacher, and my daughter, an MPS student, had a snow day.  The City of Milwaukee shut down all but essential services so I was encouraged to stay home, no arm twisting necessary.  Mayor Barrett encouraged residents not to drive anywhere so our plows could better clear the snow. 

Before they did, Liz, friend Barb and I took advantage of the hard pack to ski to Ted’s to fuel up for shoveling with a traditional diner breakfast. Steak and eggs, corned beef hash, toast, coffee and juice.  We met our neighborhood friend Tom there, who walked over.  Only the cook was able to make it in at Ted’s so customers filled in by serving coffee and answering the phone.  In the spirit of the blizzard, Ted’s was not charging for breakfast.  Our cook told us it was customer appreciation day,of course we left money anyway.

Liz and Barb proving people can adapt but cars not so much.

Ted's is open for business! Yeah, that phrase is getting old.


Tom, Liz and Barb: Go pack go! Customer Debbie (in the background) served coffee all morning to help out.

Mmmm, 5 hours of shoveling ought to burn off those calories.


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One Response to Snow Day

  1. Barry Stuart says:

    Last Wednesday, I had to go shopping, so I checked to see if Koppa’s was open. It was, so I set out for there. After looking out the front door of the apartment building and finding most of the walks unshoveled, I went back in, put on my XC ski boots and backpack, grabbed my skis and poles, and went outside. I’m glad Laacke & Joys got my skis repaired and waxed the previous day, because they sure came in handy. I skied north on Oakland to Irving and then skied on Irving, which was practically unplowed to Koppa’s. Once I stocked up, I went back outside, put on my skis, and skied down the alley behind Bike Fed to Royall and home. That’s one way to get an errand done.

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