Cyclechic music video

It’s getting hard to keep up with all the music videos shot from a cyclechic point of view.  What a nice problem to have. I found this one on the Malmo/Lund Cyclechic site, one of my favorite places to visit on the web. With airfares to Europe around $1,000 a person these days, a middle class guy like me has to put the new roof, new water heater, and leaking upstairs shower ahead of a dream vacation for the family, instead I take a virtual vacation and visit the bicycle cultures of europe via the internet.

Although it is cyclechic enough for the european websites, the video was shot in America, and stands as another example of how despite talk radio and the trolls commenting at jsonline, bicycle culture is growing in the USA.  Anybody know the band Sun Airway or recognize the city?  I think it is Philly. I’ve been home sick and haven’t left the couch for three days, so perhaps I liked this video so much because it evoked memories of how I feel riding the streets of Milwaukee on a warm night after the rain.


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  1. The city is Philadelphia. At one point, she rides past Quiet Man Pub and a sign that reads “Welcome to Northern Liberties,” a neighborhood north of downtown Philly.

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