The Name Game

No, I don’t mean Anna Fanna Bobanna.  I mean it is time to brainstorm ideas for the name of Milwaukee’s new transportation-oriented bicycle coalition.  Wednesday night, 16 co-conspirators met at the home of Milwaukee’s first bicycle messenger service, The Swinging Door Saloon. Over some beer, pierogi’s and kraut, we had a great discussion about forming a new coalition of people who ride bicycles for transportation.  Everyone agreed the group needs a name and we decided to open it up for suggestions here.  After people suggest names via the comments below, I will post a survey and readers will vote for their favorite.  I will announce the winning name at the next meeting.

Western Union bicycle messengers in Milwaukee

To help people think of names, here is some of what we discussed:

  1. The group will serve to lend a collective identity for people in the Milwaukee metro area who ride bicycles for transportation, in the same way abike club or racing team does for those who ride bikes purely for recreation of racing.
  2. In the same way bike clubs or teams provide a social network for their members, the group will have a Facebook page for social networking and so members can announce rides, casual meet-ups and fun events like the much missed “Love Your Bike Party.” (Remember there are already a series of rides planned for this spring which you can see on the Ride page in the menu above)
  3. The group will be open to any and all comers, and strive not to be intimidating so as to attract people who are bi-cycle curious rather than just the hard-core commuter.
  4. The group will eventually have a local advocacy component, perhaps even organizing a Milwaukee bike summit and raising  money for causes.
  5. The Bicycle Federation will provide initial support and  is open to a more formal relationship in the future, but for now the group is moving forward on its own.

As far as names go, we had a few suggestions at the Swinging Door:

  • Milwaukee by Bike, or MB2
  • Brew City Bicycles or Brew City Bikes
  • Metro Milwaukee Bicycle Association/Coalition
  • “52”, a transportation bicycle club-the 5 represents 50% and the 2 represents 2 miles as in 50% of the car trips are less than 2 miles.  It also suggests riding 52 weeks a year.
  • MBM, Milwaukee Bicycle Messengers-the idea was the groups will spread the message of cycling for transportation in Milwaukee

So with that, we look forward to any and all additional suggestions for names.  Hit me with your best shot via the comments below.


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19 Responses to The Name Game

  1. M holloway says:

    I’m bound to vote for 52

  2. Tian says:

    (CCV) Cream City Velophiles
    (MVC) Milwaukee Velo Club (or coalition)
    (C3) Cream City Cyclists
    (MBC) Milwaukee Bicycle Club (Coalition)

  3. Larry says:

    I like Milwaukee by Bike. As an acronym how about MXB or MxB?

    • Tim K says:

      I really like this one, but is it to limiting. Will the group only reach out to Milwaukee residents or do you want to include the burds and adjoining comunities.

  4. Dave Steele says:

    I vote for Brew City Bicycles – simple, inclusive, catchy, and totally Milwaukee.

    One drawback is that if people call it “Brew City Bikes” people will think it’s a motorcycle club.

  5. Russell says:

    414 Bike

  6. Jake Newborn says:

    There is enough other names of things like Brew city/cream city please don’t go that route. We are more creative than that…. and there already is an MBPC and an MBC in the city. I kinda like Larry’s idea of MxB.

  7. Sam Dodge says:

    Thought of these, though they could be combined/reworked, just tried to get some different (and sometimes ridiculous) ideas.

    Milwaukee Cyclists Union
    Cyclists Of Milwaukee (“COM ride with us”)
    Milwaukee’s Two-Wheeled Explorers
    2-Wheeled Milwaukee
    Cream City Bicycle Brigade
    Spinning Hubs of Milwaukee
    Freewheeling Milwaukee (sorry fixies!)
    Handlebars of Greatness
    Milwaukee Handlebar Movement

  8. Keith Holt says:

    Bicycling in the 414
    Milwaukee Cycling Group
    I Love Biking in Milwaukee

  9. Mark G says:

    New Urban Trippers (NUT) Why not be a NUT? I mean, that’s what every one at work thinks you are. You ride a bike in the winter?!? You ride your bike down North Avenue?!? You bike how many miles?!? You must be NUTS!

    Milwacky Trippers… or Travelers In John Gurda’s book, The Making of Milwaukee he discusses the origin of the word Milwaukee. One of the early pronounciations was Milwacky. I think Trippers or Travelers rolls off the tongue better than commuters.

  10. @Mark G, I do like the Milwacky Trippers.

    A couple others for consideration:
    Milwaukee Bikes!

  11. Tim K says:


    Glad to see this moving forward. I saw several names I liked. I won’t suggest a name, but here are my two cents worth of thoughts: Keep the name simple, if the name does not instantly convey the purpose of the group, then don’t use it; don’t be cute if you want to be inclusive; if you’re going to be doing advocacy stay away from the word “club”; your name can limit you to a geographical area, so maybe use “Metro” along with Milwaukee so you can include people from the greater Milwaukee Metro area.

  12. John Sieger says:

    I Like Bikes
    The Schwinners
    The Sprocketeers
    You don’t need Milwaukee in the name, everyone knows where they are!

  13. dW says:

    Seems to cry out for something that talks about purposeful cycling…..transportation, destination, work…unfortunately Workcycle is already taken 🙂 52 is cool….52xBike?
    Move by Bike?
    Do it by Bike Milwaukee?
    Pedal On Milwaukee (too much like Garth…)

  14. ed h says:

    A few more here-

    414xbike – is nice and geographic.
    MKE velo
    milwaukeeagnolo. . . ( kinda rolls off the tongue- no?)
    Lakefront Cyclists
    City Cycling
    Milwaukee Transportation Alternative (MTA)
    Milwaukee Bike Lane Users Group (MBLUG)
    Uncompetitive Cyclists of Milwaukee
    League of Milwaukee Bicyclist

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