Fat Tuesday in DC

Today I’m off to Washington, DC to attend the League of American Bicyclists National Bike Summit.  I’m flying out with the staff of the Bicycle Federation of WI.  They are carpooling to the airport, so I am hitching a ride with them. This will be the first time I am not biking to the airport in years, but I don’t need a bike in DC thanks to the Capital Bikeshare. I can also use my friend’s Schwinn Breeze to get back and forth from his place in Arlington where I am staying. 

I am pretty excited to try out the Capital Bikeshare system and plan on meeting the program managers to learn as much as I can about how their system works.  I also plan on riding in the new Pensylvannia Avenue cycletracks.  Each day while I’m there I will try to write something for Over the Bars. If I don’t have time to publish anything substantive, I will try to publish a photo with a brief note and publish more in-depth pieces after I get back to Milwaukee.

I tried to get the name game survey posted, but I ran into some problems with survey monkey.  I will be with Jessica from the Bicycle Federation of WI tomorrow at the airport, so I will try to fix the problem with her help and get that survey up asap.


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2 Responses to Fat Tuesday in DC

  1. Dave Steele says:

    I hope you know of a good paczki in DC.

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