The Name Game Survey

Sorry for the one day hiatus.  I was a little burnt after my trip to DC and I needed a day off.  Anyway, here is the survey I promised so we can choose a name for our new Milwaukee area alliance of people who ride bicycles for transportation.  If you need more information about this, please review this previous post and the comments below it. I will leave this survey open for the rest of this week and let you all know the results next Monday.

Click here to be taken to the Survey Monkey page


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5 Responses to The Name Game Survey

  1. Sam Tang says:

    Hey Dave, clicked and thought I was headed for a page to suggest names. These were in my head:



    Milwaukee & bikee



    I like the short form, integrates health into the city name itself. Gets people thinking and talking about wauk, walk and biking. Also sounds like a short, ditch your dirty unhealthy cars, fun idea/suggestion for the commuting masses inching along thinking they’re getting places so quickly in their cars. I like the first, short version because it’s sort of a condensed, funner form of “Millions of Milwaukeans Bike!” with the friendlier bikee instead of bike and with an exclamation point which can be taken as a command or emphasis on the fun of biking vs. inching along 94. Likee ur Bikee! 😉

    Short, sweet and packin’ a lot of punch and logo/tag line options for Milbikeans don’tcha think?


  2. Denny says:

    Dave – the last eight lines of the survey are duplicates.

  3. Claus says:

    I voted but what happened to the names from your previous post?
    ■Milwaukee by Bike, or MB2
    ■Brew City Bicycles
    Also, for any name that uses bike you might want to consider specifying bicycle instead, especially in Milwaukee/Harley town. I’m always amused when I see motorcycles for sale in the bikes section of Craig’s List.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      I may have missed a couple names. I also did not inlcude an “other” catagory. The voting is pretty close for the top names, so I plan on either doing a final survey in which people only get to vote once or having a meeting in which those who show up get to vote. The world is run by those people who show up. I can add Brew City Bicycles and MB2 to that final vote.

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