Name Game, and the winner is…

The surveys are closed and “52” received the most votes for the name of the new coalition of people in the Milwaukee who ride bicycles for transportation.  The name represents the statistic that 50% of all car trips are two miles or less, trips ideally taken by bicycle.  Below are the results of both the first and final surveys.

The top 15 vote getters from the first survey.

Remember the two lowest vote getters here were inadvertantly left off the first survey.

I like “52,” but if you are one of those who voted for a different name, don’t worry too much, we can add a tag line like “52, a transportation cycling group” or “52 Bike Club”   to broaden the appeal of the name. We can also get creative with the logo.  I like the simple number, but we could also work with “Fifty-2, ” or “50-2 ” or “414 Fiftytwo”  or whatever.  I suggest we discuss those at the next meeting of the group at 5:30 pm, Wednesday April 6th.  Anyone have a suggestion for the meeting location?  We met downtown at the Swinging Door last time.  I am OK with meeting there again, or we can meet in Bay View, Riverwest, or the East Side.  Suggestions?


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Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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One Response to Name Game, and the winner is…

  1. Dave, I am out of town until April 13th so will miss the name game meeting. I like what you are thinking about “52” so do the best you can. Thanks

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