Airport Parking Full? Not Quite

Today’s online edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that all the 12,000 parking spaces for automobiles at the airport and at the off-site lots are full  “due to a perfect storm of families on spring break and business travelers.” That is great news for the airport as a business.  Meg Jones reports that although Mitchell Airport recently added parking spaces, since then Milwaukee’s airport has seen 17 consecutive record months of passenger travel through January. The upswing can be attributed to a recovering economy and Southwest Airlines now serving Mitchell.

Airport spokesperson Pat Rowe noted that alternatives to driving include taking a taxi, the Bus, Amtrak or one of the coach lines that service the airport. Rowe added that there’s plenty of motorcycle and bicycle parking still available, noting “I do see a bicycle out here today so someone came up with a creative way to get to the airport. Kind of hard to carry a suitcase, though,” she said.

As readers will remember, I bike to the airport all the time.

Actually, it's not that hard to carry a suitcase. You can put it in a trailer like this...


... or like this


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3 Responses to Airport Parking Full? Not Quite

  1. Lance says:

    I wish I was biking to the airport! Sheeesh. I love Milwaukee, but…

    Enjoyed this post. It really makes me want to ride to the airport and fly away.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      When I used to fly a lot for work, I was always going somewhere like Battle Creek, MI, the Quad Cities or somewhere like that. Every time I was at the airport, I would look at my assistant and say, “Ya know, we could really fly anywhere” and dream about the possibilties. That was in the day when you could find a round trip ticket to Paris for $350. I must say that airline ticket prices have taken a bit of the thrill out of that fantasy. But since my front half was sheeted in ice when I got home from work, I know just what you mean.

  2. still rollin says:

    I will be riding to the airport Sunday, for an afternoon flight. Now if we could get these bikeshares up and running nationally…

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