Sunday, Sunday, Sunday: OTB Spring Classic #2

WordPress was down yesterday afternoon and into the late evening.  Sorry if you were unable to comment.  I was also unable to write anything until quite late (for me). 

While I can’t promise you the Eiffel Tower, or champagne on the ChampsElysées, we could ride by Great Lakes Dragaway or stop at the Bong Recreation Area if you want. Although the weather is looking to be even colder than it was last weekend, I intend on keeping the spring classic series going with Milwaukee, Paris, Milwaukee. This upcoming Sunday I will don my wool and lycra and pedal 35 miles down to Paris and 35 miles back. 

The town of Paris, WI is not much more than an intersection in Kenosha County.  As far as I can tell, the small farming community does not make much of its name.  According to Wikipedia, the name was chosen by a 19th Century settler named Seth Butler Myrick in honor of his birthplace in Paris, NY. The area once had the nickname Tar Corners, after an incident where a dispute between neighbors led to a tarring and feathering. There will be no hope of finding en petit dejeuner, but it is pretty close to Union Grove, so we can grab some food there.

As with last the ride to Belgium last weekend, the pace will be a conversational 15mph-20mph.  As Phil says, not a pedal will be turned in anger.  At one time, before heart rate monitors, LSD rides (long slow distance) to build base miles were the hallmark of every racer’s early season training.  I don’t race anymore, but I still like to build that base fitness with long slow rides early in the spring.  This ride will be a bit shorter than last week’s, but if you are still worried about the distance, bring a friend with you and head back early to cut the ride short. 

I plan on leaving around 8am from somewhere on the West Side. With a couple stops for food, we should be back in Milwaukee around 1pm or 2 pm.  Let me know via the comments below if you are interested and we can pick an exact start location.


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11 Responses to Sunday, Sunday, Sunday: OTB Spring Classic #2

  1. Dave, hi. I did Ragbrai once and am doing it again this year and bringing my boyfriend, who just bought his first road bike. I’d love to join you on Sunday and we’d turn around after 10 miles or so. I’m going to talk to my boyfriend about it. How many people do you expect on these rides? I’ve led Saturday morning rides for women in Wauwatosa and we often only have a couple people – too many kids and laundry at home!

    • daveschlabowske says:

      I only expect a handful at best with the weather forcast. Please do join me. I was thinking of meeting at Hollander or Le Rev anyway.

  2. Gary Johnson says:

    Enjoy this classic, the weather will be even more appropriate. I’ll be working on core miles in the very hilly Yellowwood State Forest (Bloomington, IN).

    • daveschlabowske says:

      We will miss your pulls on the way home Gary. Have fun riding in the warmer climes.

      • Gary Johnson says:

        Question: Do you stay warmer pulling or drafting? Looks like I’m riding to Paris, we are bailing on Indiana. Why drive 5+ hours & ride in 40 degree weather, with a 40% chance of rain/snow. Where are folks meeting, etc?

      • daveschlabowske says:

        I promise you will be warmer pulling ;v). Meeting at Cranky Al’s 69th and North, 7:45 with 8am departure

  3. Jim Bittner says:

    I’m in and I have clearance for the entire round trip. See you at Cranky’s at 7:45.

    • Jim Bittner says:

      Sunday? I can’t do Sunday.

      • daveschlabowske says:

        I’m sorry about that Jim. There are other regular Saturday morning rides that started today and I wanted to mix it up a bit so those who can’t do Saturdays might join. Never fear though, I will continue to organize other long rides like this.

  4. Dan says:

    If you set a route let me know I might try meeting up with you from the north side of Racine.

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