Cycling City

Volume 2, Issue 2

I was reading a post titled “Bikes are Shoes” on Amsterdamize yesterday evening that referenced a great new (to me) online magazine called CyclingCity.  Check out the tag line and see if you don’t agree with me that it could be the official magazine of our new local group “52:”

The Online Monthly Magazine for Urban Cyclists    

No Matter What You Ride… As Long As You Do…

Yes laddie, there are Pugsleys in Scottland.

The magazine is the brainchild of Anthony Robson from Edinburgh, Scotland.  The magazine has awesome photography and a very diverse range of articles.  The table of contents from the recent issue 2, volume 2 includes stories from riding Pugsleys to a critical review of riding in Amsterdam.  There is even an article that finally solves the helmet debate once and for all (or so it is titled).  That sounds almost exactly like the crowd at the first meeting of 52.

Table of contents photo

This is a really quality ‘zine and I highly recommend you spend some time digging though the 22 issues archived issues.  Note that all photos here are from CyclingCity Volume 2, Issue 2


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3 Responses to Cycling City

  1. Russell says:

    Great find! Looking forward to reading the archives on this one.

  2. Will says:

    No Matter What You Ride… As Long As You Do…

    If its going to be our official magazine, can we use the motto as well??

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