Baby needs a new pair of shoes: Milwaukee, Paris, Milwaukee

My 6-year-old Lake winter mtb shoes finally bit the dust.  The heel tore out in a way that it cannot be glued. Given that the weather forecast predicts a high of 29 degrees for our ride to Paris this Sunday, over my lunch hour I picked up a new pair of Lake MXZ 302 winter mtb shoes from Earl and Vince over at Ben’s Cycle and Fitness

I do like wearing regular clothing for commuting and errands, but for mountain biking, training rides and fast recreational rides on my Trek USPS road bike, I prefer to kit up in bicycle specific clothing (lycra and/or wool).  I also like to use clipless pedals and bike shoes.  In the winter I usually ride with mtb pedals and shoes, even on my road bike.  I do this primarily because I can only afford one pair of winter bike shoes and mtb shoes are more versatile than road shoes.

I actually wanted the Northwave Celsius GTX shoe rather than the Lakes because they are cheaper and they have a Goretex lining.  A long time ago I had a different pair of Northwave winter shoes that were in that awesome Northwave contrapositive red/yellow color scheme. The new Northwaves have no more style than the Lakes, and it didn’t matter anyway because Earl said Northwave goofed up their order and they didn’t get any this season.  I decided to get the Lakes and buy local rather than try to order the Northwaves online.  I like to give Vince my money for some reason, and I am a bit nervous about ordering winter cycling shoes online.  The sizing for bike shoes varies considerably from manufacturer to manufacturer and even more so when it comes to winter bike shoes.

The Lake MXZ302s, like my old Lake winter shoes, are only water resistant.  That is not a big deal for most winter riding, but it does matter for cold spring rains and slushy snow.  I will Nikwax them to improve the water-resistance.

I will give my new shoes a thorough test in the Over the Bars Spring Classic Ride #2 this Sunday morning.  I think a 70 mile ride in sub-freezing temperatures is about as good a test as one could ask for.  I only hope we get some freezing rain too so I can see how dry the Lakes keep my feet.

If you have any cold weather gear you want to test, come join us.  We will be meeting at 7:45 to chow a quick bit of fried dough at Cranky Al’s at 6903 W North Ave., in Wauwatosa.  We will leave promptly at 8am, so get there early if you are a slow eater.  The pace will be a conversational 15 mph to 20 mph.  Right now there are only a handful of people who have said they will be on the ride.  Russell reports his presence is 81.2% probable. I created a Google map of the proposed route.  You can pan around to see it below.


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4 Responses to Baby needs a new pair of shoes: Milwaukee, Paris, Milwaukee

  1. Will says:

    Dave do you think you’ll have any longer century-ish rides planned later in the year??

  2. dave z says:

    i missed you @ Al’s by 3 minutes. I rode 38th street on and off to a bit south of 5 mile road. my phone ran out of power so i lost my map. rode back on 78th. maybe next time.

    • daveschlabowske says:

      Sorry, Gary forgot his water bottles, so we had to ride to my house to get him one. Then we took a slightly different route than planned. Load my mobile number in your phone to play it safe for future rides: 414-736-2209.

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