Where is Dave now? Answered

This one should be easy.  I am looking for a near exact description of my location.

Correct Answer: The top of the sledding hill in Doyne Park.  That is the only place you can see over the trees like this.

No funky photoshoping involved. Just a great sunrise thanks to Mother Nature.


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Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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18 Responses to Where is Dave now? Answered

  1. wiscoDude says:

    Dave, not sure how much you hear this, but I really like your blog. I bike to work (and more) every day, yet your blog inspires me to bike even more.

    So, thanks.

  2. Dave J says:

    Doyne Park on the soccer field.

  3. Ralph in da U.P. says:

    Are you on the Oak Leaf trail on the East end of Doyne Park?

  4. christopher miller says:

    This is on the golf course, you’re on the green.

  5. Bryan Peterson says:

    Doyne Park – at the exact spot that you got to second base with Mary Lu Butterfield in 6th grade.

  6. Paula says:

    I hope poor Mary Lu Butterfield doesn’t read your blog…..

  7. Steve Waldorf says:

    It appears you are looking east toward the 4th hole tee box, adjacent to (just south) of the 4th green.

    Great blog and fantastic photos!

  8. adventure! says:

    You’re on top of the sledding hill in Doyne Park!

    Wait, I’m too late?

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