And so should you…

I bike and I vote.

I was number 275.  What number were you? Anyone else bike to your polling location?

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Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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10 Responses to And so should you…

  1. daveschlabowske says:

    Lars says: “What a beautiful day to ride my bike and vote…later dude…”

  2. d'Andre says:


    I unfortunately did not bike there…..excuses, excuses…..just back from vacation and faced still having studded tires on main steed, reluctant to change them on a work morning with no stand pump available due to other circumstances, and then blew out the inside of a presta valve on the backup bike while filling the tires with a little hand pump. Figured at that point it was a sign that this lovely spring day would not include a bike commute. Stopped for a new floor pump on the way in that will become the HGA bike room pump after I change out the studs tonight. Excuses, excuses.

    Say, did you pick a spot for the 52 get together tomorrow evening?

  3. Ronsta says:

    Yes, #17!

  4. JoeW says:

    Yup, I was #39 at 7:20 am. That’s good turnout for a spring election.

  5. Peter Lee says:

    I biked to vote early a couple of weeks ago. Peter

  6. Barry Stuart says:

    #368 I voted early this afternoon at the Riverview Apts. on Kane & Arlington.

  7. DedHed says:

    #259 @4:30 PM I now have 4 “I VOTED” stickers on my commuter.

  8. christopher says:

    I’d say we had at least 5 bike-to-vote voters at South Shore Pavilion where I serve as Chief Inspector. I did not Bike; too much stuff to carry for the long day at the polls. But I did give a special shout out to those who biked!

  9. Carolyn says:

    I bike to vote every election. My bike helmets, spring and winter ones have the stickers to show it (at least 5)! I live in Riverwest so it’s common to see bikers voting at the polls. Always love seeing other bikes 🙂

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