Fietskrat Ja!

Heineken now makes a bike basket, though I have not seen them available here.  This is little more than an issue of style and message since the standard milk crate or wicker basket work well. I was thinking about putting a Workcycles front rack on my ’36 Raleigh. I am leaning toward using a fishing creel as a basket, but the Heineken Fietskrat gave me pause.  Any other creative fietskrats out there I should know about?   If so, email a photo to overthebarsmke at yahoo dot com.

From what I read, the video below was released of an actual April Fools day marketing event in Amsterdam.

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Cyclechic advocate from Milwaukee
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4 Responses to Fietskrat Ja!

  1. mike says:

    hopefully an amstel light version is on the way… watching my girlish figure!

  2. d'Andre says:

    I wonder, did the new crates include product? they looked empty, but one can hope.

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