Koninginnedag Ride Report

Queen B loves the orange.

Orange has been one of my favorite colors since I layed my hands on a 1993 Bridgestone XO-1. The color seems to have connected me to so many great bicycle things since then.  The latest orange blast was Milwaukee’s first annual Koninginnedag Ride last Saturday.  About a dozen people pedaled over to the Cafe Hollander in the ‘Tosa Village to celebrate the birthday of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.  I think Her Majesty would have appreciated the gathering and the mode of transport chosen by her well wishers here in Milwaukee.

My posse met down the hill at Todd and Jill’s. Note Jerry’s cool Vanmoof No. 5, with Ben’s Cycle custom upgrades; Liz and Oma; Todd and his mint blue Raleigh, and Jill accessorizing her hair with a sweet orange Gitanne mixte.

The five us us hopped on our bikes and pedaled off for the first scheduled ride on the Over the Bars ride calendar since the ill-fated ride from hail.  I am amazed anyone will  still follow me after that one.  Perhaps it was more a faith in the weather report and promise of spring weather than trust in me.


Jill's Gitane Gran Sport Deluxe has great stoppers.

The Gitane changer is a red Simplex Prestige Delrin, perhaps all a derailleur needs to be and nothing more.

This is the first ride on the OTB ride calendar since that last hailish ride to brunch. I can’t believe anyone is still willing to follow me on a ride after that one.  Perhaps it is more a testimony to their faith in the weather report and the promise of spring that any trust they have in me. 

An orange clad pied piper leads another group of trusting souls on a three hour cruise. This ride would prove to be less challenging than the last trip down State Street.


Double Dutch: Jerry pilots his cool Vanmoof No. 5 alongside Liz on her stalwart Workcycles Omafiet.


My posse arrives at Cafe Hollander in Wauwatosa.


Linsey shows a flash of orange and stylishly mixes vintage with new. Anyone wearing orange will be treated to a free beer at every one of the Lowland Group's grand cafes. Too intelligent for his own good, Mr. International straddles a tricked out Specialized Globe.

Apologies to the rest of the folks who joined us for food and beverages at Cafe Hollander’s fabulous outdoor seating on the bridge in Wauwatosa. I completely forgot to take a photo of everyone who showed up as a group.  Either I am out of practice as a journalist or all I care about is bikes, because I did get a group shot of most of the bicycles. 
I think it is safe to say that  a photo of this many cool city bikes could not have been taken in Milwaukee even two years ago.  It is also worth noting that many others arrived in ‘Tosa via two wheels as bicycles adorned the railing along the bridge as well as the poles and railings  throughout the Village of Wauwatosa. 
After a nice lunch and a few beers, many of the group had to head home, but four of us desperate to earn another free beer and prove that our blood runs orange, pedaled onward into the brutal headwind: destination Cafe Centraal in Bay View on Lincoln and KK. 

Although we are a bit short on canals for a real Dutch ride, these rough riders took the low road along the Menomonee River at the base of Hoyt Park.


Then on to smoother pave' along the Hank Aaron State Trail.


Three pale riders battle the wind under the all-seeing eye of the Polish Moon.


Reward for an honest battle well fought.

The next scheduled ride on the OTB ride calendar is for May 21st ride to the Wauwatosa Farmers Market.  Anyone else looking forward to grits and gravy? 

If another local reader has a ride scheduled sooner, let me know via comment below and I will post it on the calendar page.

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2 Responses to Koninginnedag Ride Report

  1. D'nardo says:

    Except for a nasty sunburn I had a great time pretending to be Dutch! BTW, just after everyone left Centraal, Sarah the waitress from the Tosa Hollander showed up! Kudos to her for braving it all the way through that mean head wind on her Sears 3-speed (blue one in the group photo). Being true to our Dutch roots we finished the Tour de Free Beer at the Hollander on Downer.

    Can’t wait until next year!

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